Our property management division was created for the same reason we founded National Real Estate in the first place – our needs weren’t being met by the big management companies, so we set forth to make it right. As investors ourselves, we know the key components to owning and maintaining a performing asset. We structured our approach based on our need to manage our own properties, and to manage them well. We’ve done away with the silos between the property managers, leasing agents, maintenance technicians, inspectors and accountants and brought them all together, under one roof. No outsourcing, no chasing your tail – everyone under the National Real Estate property management umbrella is a trusted, vetted, and reliable employee of our company. Our integrated team approach is not only efficient but successful. We have grown from managing our own investment properties to over 800 properties in two major markets – Orlando and Las Vegas.
All our operations are handled in-house by a team of trained, experienced licensed professionals. We provide our investors with management solutions that ensure your property operates smoothly and enhance property value.