Named of the top 100 places to live in the country, a visit to Winter Springs is like being transformed back in time to when life in Florida was a little simpler, a little quieter and as charming as you could possibly imagine it being. Winter Springs makes achieving that pleasant way of life achievable today.

And like most quintessential American towns, Winter Springs is centered around three things: promoting the education of the children in the neighborhood, offering residents lush, spacious parks and providing experiences for neighbors, family and friends to come together in celebration. The city of Winter Springs has seven public schools and many private schools with a shared focus of fostering the education of rising students.

Much like many other areas in Florida, Winter Springs views its parks as a meaningful way to connect the natural and historic treasures of the area. The neighborhood also considers its nine parks to be an investment in the arts and cultural growth within its communities.

Winter Springs is now considered the largest city in Seminole County, on the basis of land area, and it continues to welcome new residents looking for the perfect place to call home, while maintaining the essence of what makes a close-knit community so valuable.

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