Oviedo is so much more than simply a city in Seminole County; it is a quintessential part of the Central Florida community. Warm temperatures and blue skies are just the beginning of living in this delightful area of the nation.

Approximately 16 square miles in size, Oviedo has tree-lined streets and a downtown area that continues to expand. Similar to some of its surrounding areas, Oviedo is also planning for new, mixed-use developments that include a residential component of single-family houses, town homes and apartments, a commercial business district and retail establishments. Beyond the downtown area, Ovideo is also focused on other improvements around the city that will offer residents original places to dine, shop and be entertained within their own community.

Even with all of the future plans to enhance the neighborhood, Oviedo has long been recognized as the perfect place to live. In fact, various national media outlets including CNN and Family Circle magazine have named Oviedo as one of the best places to live in America. Now is the perfect time to discover what all of the excitement is about.

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