Orlando, Florida is so much more than mouse ears and rollercoasters, and no area proves that point more poignantly than Downtown Orlando — the historic core and central business district of Orlando. The largest of the urban centers in Central Florida, Downtown Orlando is segmented into five key areas: Uptown in the north, Lake Eola Heights and Thornton Park in the east, Parramore in the west, and the Central Business District, which is also known as the Financial District.

These collections of communities are home to residential and commercial buildings, government offices, sports facilities, theaters, art galleries, retail spaces, parks, and more. Though situated closely enough to the theme parks to make them easily accessible, Downtown Orlando is removed from the areas of high tourism traffic located in the southern half of the city.

In recent years, Downtown Orlando has seen a tremendous boom in new construction, and what some locals refer to as the Manhattanization of the area. This has led to a number of impressive projects that have since altered the Downtown Orlando’s skyline. The noticeable increase in new and exciting businesses to the area has also brought with it living, dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities you’d expect from a bustling city, and would be hard-pressed to find in other areas of Central Florida.

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