Just two miles south of the Downtown Orlando area, the town of Delaney Park, Florida is overflowing with charisma and tradition. Comprised of less than 500 homes, Delaney Park has the charm of a small town without forgoing the excitement that comes with living in such close proximity to a pulsating metro area.

Celebrated for its oak lined streets, Delaney Park is made up of beautiful historic mansions and expansive colonial style homes. Parks, a number of outdoor recreation spaces and the stunning Lake Lancaster surround the residential areas of the neighborhood.

Delaney Park itself — the town’s namesake —is just over seven acres and provides visitors with oak tree-shaded areas, tennis courts, ball fields, playgrounds and picnic facilities.

Situated amongst some of the most desirable addresses in the Orlando area, the opportunity to live in Delany Park is considered a dream come true for many.

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